Hipfinity Documentation for Developers


Advanced Integration Protocol

Advanced Integration Protocol (AIP) is a type of Payment Form supported by Hipfinity that allows Host to Host communication.


Android SDK Integration

This document will guide you through the steps to complete the Android SDK integration.


Bill Pay User Guide

The Bill Pay feature in the Transaction Manager allows merchants to create bills, manage bill status, and send bill payment links to customers.


Bill Presentment API

The Bill Presentment API is a powerful tool that enables you to generate and deliver bills to your customers, facilitating payment processing.


Cloud Connect Specifications

Cloud Connect is a web service that allows integrators to implement the Hipfinity semi-integration process in use cases where direct communication with the Terminal is not possible.


Customers API Specifications

The Customers API is designed for comprehensive management of customer-related data, facilitating operations across customer information, payment details, and recurring transactions.


How to maintain battery in terminal

Time for Charge/Discharge Battery recommendations Storing batteries In case of over-discharge, the pack should be charged for one time every three months while storing, and batteries should be discharged and charged after being stored for more than a year in...


Payment Form Quick Start Guide

This guide describes how the merchant may configure the Payment Forms available through Gateway’s Web Terminal Application.


Payment Form Specifications

This document helps in Payment Form setup in all three integration modes that enable the use of Payment Forms on the merchant’s website.


Payment Gateway Specifications

This guide describes how you can execute transactions using Payment Gateway.


Remote Key Injection (RKI)

This guide describes the messages that need to be exchanged with Hipfinity Remote Key Injection (RKI) Service to perform all Key Management functionality including signing Terminal Certificate Service Request (CSR) to get back a Terminal Certificate, as well as obtaining...


Semi-Integration Guide

Semi-Integration is an integration process developed by Hipfinity allowing users to process credit card, debit, and EBT transactions from their own custom POS software using the Hipfinity Payment Application.



This guide describes how to implement the Hipfinity tokenization process.


Transactions Export API

This guide describes how you can export the Transaction data with the help of our API.

The Certification Process

  1. Initiate the Sandbox Account Request: Submit a formal request for a sandbox account.
  2. Obtain Account Credentials: Upon approval, you will receive the necessary account credentials to access the sandbox environment.
  3. Integration Completion: Utilize the provided documentation and tools to successfully integrate your solution within the sandbox environment.
  4. Certification by Hipfinity®: Once your integration is completed and tested, undergo the certification process conducted by Hipfinity®. Upon successful certification, your status as a solution provider will be acknowledged, and your company will be listed on our corporate website.
  5. Transition to Production Status: After achieving certification, you can request the transfer of your solution to the production environment for live usage and deployment.